How long to be friends before dating

How could someone be my boyfriend if I hardly knew them?But it's not the time frame so much as the time spent together, how well you know their family and friends, how much of them you've seen to be able to make a sane judgment.We spend weeks on end together, even though it is long distance,,we have been working on plans to relocate,, so we can live together and get married,, My point, one never knows,, when it's our time for love,, go with the gut, the heart,, be honest with yourself,, as well as your potential partner,, lay the cards on the table face up.. how often you see each other and for how long etc... I think it is up to the two of you to discuss it and come to something mutually agreeable.I personally think it is best not to jump too far too fast in being committed other than if you become sexually active, then you shouldn't be bed hopping.

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In theory, for sure I see why anyone would want to know someone on a certain level before getting into a committed, long-term relationship.

You can call anyone your anything but that won't mean it's true.

You can't fall in love with someone you don't know, all you are doing to hanging labels and pretending, if you move too quickly.

I wouldn't get serious about anyone before spending a year getting to know how they react to life and holidays, etc.

What's the point of saying, oh I have a boyfriend, then finding out he pulls the wings off flies or doesn't tip thoughtfully or hates women in general, etc.

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