Guys guide to dating a geek

Jamie, a junior at Hobart William Smith, has learned from personal experience: “While I saw my girlfriends being hurt by the ‘popular guys’ day in and day out, I was content with my boyfriend, who would be considered on the ‘geek’ side of the spectrum, who treated me with respect and didn’t feed into the drama that often accompanies social scenes.” Scientific Evidence We’ve had our own personal experiences but as with any nerdy investigation, we should consider scientific evidence as well.

If the stereotypes are true and those hot alpha males fit the bill as narcissists feeding off the attention their looks and confidence attract, then geeks offer the potential for a much healthier relationship from a psychological standpoint.

” and hypothetical situations that always seem to come up with hot guys who we know other girls are eyeing too.

We have enough to worry about with classes and friends, so this sense of stability leads us to associate geeks with a more secure and therefore attractive relationship.

Plus, there are even several types of geeks, from those who just love what they do to those who are a little socially inept, acknowledges John, a sophomore at Princeton University, so in the end “there is always the biggest factor – compatibility.

Some girls will just naturally be drawn towards the hot guy who is the life of the party, while others will be drawn towards the slightly awkward cute guy who wouldn’t mind watching a chick flick.” We can’t forget about our own personalities because a relationship takes two and we even have our own labels to deal with.

You won’t see them strutting around campus like celebrities, as they’re usually tucked away in the library or their dorms.

With the exception of those slightly irritating smart alecks, intelligence is a plus.Also, don’t expect to have your sensitivity honored.” This classic symptom of the hot popular guy, especially when he’s fully aware of his reputation on campus, is a factor that pushes women to seek the geeky guy as an alternative.A healthy and balanced relationship also “simultaneously provides us with the safety and comfort of a fall back position, while allowing us the complete freedom to figure it out for ourselves,” according to Michael J. The need for both of these components can also drive us toward a geekier guy because we worry less about all the “what ifs?“Geek” doesn’t need to imply the opposite extreme and become synonymous with hermit.Instead, it means he can be in the moment with you rather than preoccupied with a laundry list of other social engagements.

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