George clooney and renee zellweger dating

btw sorry if i ruin some fantasys and no need for thanks if i start some lol. It just seems to me he gets more flamboyant as he gets older.

Chace Crawford, sorry not gay Zach Efron, don't know. I am also sure that if the ridiculously talented Sam Rockwell was an A-Lister he would have been thought of as gay.

I might think Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Joe Jonas are cute little twinks, but the fact that I want to fuck them doesn't make them "definitively" gay, nor have I ever heard real details other than the wishful speculation of DLers.

Zac Efron is going to replace Tom Cruise as Hollywood's most parodied actor, for being in the closet.

Their real lives or personalities likely bear little to no resemblance. Poor SJP, I wonder why she stays with him.r88 Matthew is well known in theater circles as being bi-sexual. Another known fact is that MB has always been attracted to women he works with, no secret there at all. Hey, it must work since he and SJP have been together a long time.

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It's all understood, from the actor and his agent and manager to the PR team at the studio, that the actor shouldn't come out.

Celebs are professionals at being "stars," and their public personas are created and maintained by people who are professionals at that. Ne Yo Taylor Hicks Mike Meyers Tevin Campbell Nick Carter (Bisexual)Dominic Monaghan is supposedly bisexual Kenny Chesny Pharrell - lots os speculation he is on the Lowtoo many reports that Matthew Broderick was having affairs with Broadway actresses (facts, no the women in question), to assume he is simply "gay"...he's bisexual if anything other than straight.

Not that they're all gay, of course, but anything that's put out about them needs to be seen in that light. NOT saying he has not been with men, I just do know plenty of affairs he has had with women.

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While all would be exceptionally pretty gay men, only about half are even remotely agreed upon to be gay.

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