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Note: if an element has a title attribute, then the title will be used as the default error message, unless you specify You could also create your own error_class for outputting the error labels, but then you’d lose the ability to specify the for attribute.If you want to try to make j Query validation produce an error list, that’s a bit harder. I find it’s easiest to specify class and metadata rules in custom widget attributes 90% of the time, and use a rules object only when absolutely necessary.

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source In DUTH 2016 there was a session for Django Validation by Loïc Bistuer, in the session Loïc showed many areas you can validate user inputs from Django Form way to the Database Engine.For validation methods that require arguments, such minlength and maxlength, you can create metadata in the class attribute.You’ll have to include the j Query metadata plugin for this style of rules.A rules object can also be used in conjunction with class and metadata rules, so you could have some rules assigned in individual element classes or metadata, and other rules in your rules object.If you want to keep the client-side validation error messages consistent with Django’s validation error messages, you’ll need to copy Django’s error messages and specify them in the metadata or in a messages object.

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