Fake dating games

There are plenty of twists and options that keep it feeling fresh and that get you excited to read on as you make the important decisions for Iris.In Kaneva, you have a sort of party world, a social paradise.Juggle life, work, and dating here, trying to become as success as possible.While it is challenging, that does not mean that it is not fun.It gives you the chance to not only get on the dance floor and show off your skills, but also make friends and add your own twist.Create your avatar, customize yourself, create your own pet, design your place, and so much more. From the moment that you get started, you can invest a piece of yourself into the game and you can make the most out of the huge selection that is offered.

Although all of this might sound like a simple task, IT IS NOT.Dance your heart away, go shopping, and meet many others in Highstreet 5.You have a world of excitement and activities awaiting you here, and you can take advantage of it all.Iris plans to confess her love to her crush before college in Summer Found Me.This seems rather small and simple, but it is merely how the story starts out.

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