Error required auditdistd user is missing see usrsrcupdating

If you are installing online (R2008a and higher) through your Math Works account, and you are installing through the DVD or if you have the correct downloads, there could be an issue with the products that are associated with the license.In this case, contact Customer Service to have the license verified.In rare occasions, this issue can occur if there is not enough free space on the primary hard drive.If the drive is full, try emptying some space and relaunch the installer.

If you are missing the files for any product or if the files have been extracted, the installer will not list those products to install.NOTE: Starting as of MATLAB R2010b, there are two files for each product.You will need the .common file as well as the 32/64-bit file (win32/win64).The Administrator can then send you the installation files to use with your File Installation Key on an offline machine.Alternatively, the Administrator could provide you with an ISO image to use for installation.

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