Did jessie james dating reggie bush

Which now includes reports of three women besides Michelle "Bombshell" Mc Gee who are saying they slept with Bullock's husband.

One of them has remained nameless so far, letting legal eagle Gloria Allred do the initial intros.

The pair was engaged in April of 2012 when Eric Decker popped the question to pop star Jessie James in Las Vegas.

In true Decker/James style, the couple was quick to Twitter to thank their fans for the support (while also breaking the news of the engagement to most of us.

BALLROOM BLITZ: Could the judges (and the smattering of booers in the audience) have had any less love for Kate Gosselin as she made her horrible, although whoever dressed the attractive mother of eight apparently had a major vendetta against her. Not that it matters—this season is a hurtin' Nicole Scherzinger's to lose and Pam Anderson's to sexify. She definitely deserved to go home, not being able to hit a right note to save her life the night before, but she leaves 10 only sporadically talented finalists in her wake. Heavy stuff from scoop-spilling Nestor Carbonell as the untouched-by-time Richard Alpert. Online's annual Save One Show competition doesn't officially start until Monday, but apparently you already have a few ideas...

No wonder elimination night was all about analyzing the chemistry between duet performers (and more) Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato.'s worst batch to date make Miley Cyrus want to head for the hills as far as music is concerned? 's own Marc Malkin that the album she's got coming out in June will be her last. What's more, the island is the cork in the wine bottle! Are you the same ones who chose these two as your Top TV Couple? Paris Hilton chatting with Nicole Richie and ex Benji Madden..Trousdale...

The 72-year-old actor is battling prostate cancer and is said to be too ill to undergo more chemotherapy. Whitney Port sued by a designer who claims star's new line is based on her creations...

FAREWELL: Robert Culp, who played Bill Cosby's tennis-playing partner in busted for DUI after seriously injuring himself in a single-car crash. completed the locked-up portion of his sentence on a weapons charge... Prince ordered to pay million to a concert promoter after bailing on a huge show in Ireland... Justin Bieber's manager pleaded not guilty to contributing to a stampede at a Long Island mall...

After a big year with the Broncos, Decker signed a deal with the Jets for five years and .25 million with million in guarantees.

A word of warning: Do not confuse this Jessie James with Jessie J who currently has a song, “Domino,” at #67 on the Hot 100 chart (and yes, I spent the last half hour looking this up, because I got the two confused).

Sometimes in this job, we’ve had to sleuth our asses off to find proof that a couple is together.

We'd like to think she was somewhere comfortable, surrounded by friends, cradling her prenup and maybe watching that revelatory episode of to share with his wife, necessitating a handful of calls to the cops to keep the horde under control.

It didn't save James from avoiding an uneventful citizen's arrest, but no custom motorcycles were hurt in the making of this media frenzy.

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