Of those with full or partial Albanian ancestry and others who have adopted Turkish language, culture and identity their number is estimated at 1,300,000–5,000,000 many whom do not speak Albanian.) are a nation and ethnic group, native to Albania, Kosovo and other countries who share a common culture, ancestry and speak the Albanian language as a native tongue.

In 2016, there are literally hundreds of companies offering to consolidate private student loans, but before you choose to consolidate your private student loan debt, make sure to take this important fact into account: many of the companies offering low interest consolidation programs are a total scam.

The way it works is that the company who consolidates your loan pays off your old loans, then issues you a new one with entirely different terms.

My favorite company in the industry is the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline, which is a group of student loan servicers focused entirely on private debt (not Federal or Government loans).I like this company because they have ties to all of the major banks that operate in the industry and they can shop rates, compare offers, and find out exactly which program will save you the most money, and make it easiest for you to get out of debt quickly.You can reach the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline by calling: 1-866-530-9946.While the Israeli Rabbinic authorities consider Samaritanism to be a branch of Judaism, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel requires Samaritans to officially go through a formal conversion to Judaism in order to be recognized as Halakhic Jews.Once a large community, the Samaritan population appears to have shrunk significantly in the wake of the bloody suppression of the Samaritan Revolts (mainly in 529 CE and 555 CE) against the Byzantine Empire.

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