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In lay terms, calling someone a “better” person than someone else doesn’t really mean much.“Better” is too general a term and it isn’t fair or valid to rank individuals by overall human worth.That caveat aside, we can break down the term “better” into an approach that is meaningful.For example, it is meaningful to say that you want to find a romantic partner who is kinder, more nurturing, more ambitious, etc. When my relative said that he wanted to find someone “better” than him, what he meant is that he wanted to find someone who is kinder and more patient than he is.It opens a door to fast and safe online dating, chatting with the naughtiest guys and girls and the hottest profiles online. The baby dyke (I use this term fondly) in the polo tells a story of getting drunk and dancing on a table at nationals, which is obviously just a humblebrag that her team went to nationals. You’re buzzed on life, you’re buzzed on love, or maybe you’re just buzzed. Cut to two weeks later, on the bus on the way home from playoffs and you’re single, desperately trying to tune out the sounds of slurping coming from two seats behind you, where your ex and her new flame are playing something other than basketball. The latter, hopefully not, though the issue is serious enough that even the NCAA has felt compelled to suggest a set of ground rules in their downloadable publication for GLBTQ inclusion, [] for coaches training a team of athletes…and couples.

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Having poured through hundreds of textbooks and journal articles on relationship issues over the course of my training and career, I’ve gained some great knowledge about the way relationships work.

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