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Of the three types of grand crosses, the cardinal cross is considered the hardest one to cope with, as cardinal signs are so pioneering and energetic, and these signs are all associated with taking a new, fresh direction, and sweeping away the past.Most readers — approximately 70% — will feel an eclipse on the day it occurs, with a plus or minus four days of tolerance.The universe insists on new ideas and growth and will never tolerate the status quo for very long — a lesson we learn forcibly at eclipse time.ARIES (March 21-April 19) The area where you will notice the most activity will be in regard to close relationship, as the April 15 eclipse will light your house of committed partnerships and marriage.If you were unaware of things going on behind the scenes, information will come to light very rapidly.Throughout this period, your urge for independence will be very strong.Sometimes, it's better to know what's lurking in the shadows, waiting for you, than to be surprised. Okay, maybe we're being a tad dramatic, but we all know your horoscope sometimes holds unpleasant things. So, we asked astrologer extraordinaire Susan Miller to do a deep dive into each of your signs, and tell us what you need to watch out for when next month's eclipses strike.Ahead, a personalized guide to everything you need to know for the very major month ahead — and how to prepare yourself, starting immediately.

But first, some background: Eclipses always fall on a new moon or full moon, and they always come in pairs, two weeks apart.They are energetic, adventurous and to some degree, impatient for change.When a grand cardinal cross occurs, planets will move to block one another, and as a result, the planets will not allow energy to flow easily but instead bounce around the chart.We all have the four cardinal signs reflected somewhere in our charts.These eclipses have an unusual nature because each of them has the configuration of a grand cardinal cross.

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