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Once he starts talking about the new exhaust kit he wants to put on his car, you're lost. Remember his car can't quite feed him and give him massive bear hugs like you do. Just smile and nod ladies, it makes the conversation go by much quicker. "Hey babe do you want to go out tonight" will quickly turn into "Hey babe want to come with me to a car meet tonight".Although it may make you cringe, power through one or two of them, it will make your S. one happy guy, plus you may even enjoy it once you get out there.So I may have communicated efficiently, but from the perspective of my business, it was not effective.That is where the small talk and kind words come in; things we autistics have difficulty with. Maybe a more efficient service manager would not reveal why the engine failed, because that would make the owner of the car feel worse.I was one of the presenters on the topic of the Precision Hypothesis – the idea that autistic people place higher value on precision in communication (rather than efficacy of communication) than do neuro-typical individuals. It seemed like any communication that was precise must also be efficient.

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If you hear him say "My baby is looking good today" don't freak out.

What the F is wrong with woman and dating this days? Would you counsel your friend against dating/marrying an American woman? Why guys don't dodge dating girls, who had casual sex?

The Consortium on Autism and Sign Language (CASL) is a unique “meeting of the minds” intended to further develop a framework for the study of social communication in autism and uncover fundamental features and capacities for communication for those who face challenges with social interaction.

So im in school learning to work on cars, do women get all picky if a guy is really into cars?

Why can't girls just accept the fact that cars may be the one thing that we have to ourselves, almost like a singer or rapper need music, car guys NEED cars.

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