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In those cases in which no settlement was reached, the parties may go to Divorce Mediation prior to final trial.

In this situation, I make sure to be "trial ready" when I attend the mediation.

March 26 '04 - Supreme Court of Canada upholds pre-nuptial agreeements Common Law Relationships Common-law Relationships - Comparison with a traditional marriage Adoption & Locating a Birth Relative Adoption information Links to More Information The Government of Canada's The first criterion is a non-fault one and may be invoked by either or both spouses.

A divorce action may be commenced before the one year period has run, but the divorce judgment cannot be granted until it has elapsed.

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I have a reputation with the Court for representing our clients with integrity.The second and third criteria, allow a quicker divorce without having to wait out the one-year waiting period.These are fault-based criteria and are available only to the "innocent" spouse. Divorce lawyers are required to discuss the possibility of reconciliation and to inform clients of available counseling or guidance facilities.The Court also knows that they can depend on the information I provide because I am known for being thorough, honest and accurate.If a Court hearing and / or trial becomes necessary, be assured that I wll fight hard on your behalf.

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