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The workmanship is very fine and it is exquisitely sewn into quilted designs on a red velvet…it is “like new” and shows no wear at all.The wool used in making the Pendleton products was called "Umaltilla" named for the area surrounding the mill where the sheep were raised.(beware of pop ups) Infomat’s Who’s Who – includes new designers Mode a Paris – Great info Hawaiian Resources Hawaiian Buttons This is from the book – Hawaiian Shirt Designs – Nancy N. The Hawaiian Shirt – Its Art & History – Thomas Steele Vintage Hawaiian Shirt – So many Hawaiian shirts, so Little time!American Textile History Museum – Old Exhibit w/ some pics.

The shirt tags began to display sizing in the bottom right corner.If it does have one, you can be fairly sure you’re looking at a modern repro version.Designer Resources Designer History Fashion Windows Fashion at – Lots of info here!It is in fact from Topshop, where I bought it a few years ago.So if you do come across a piece of clothing that looks Sixties or pre-Sixties, doesn’t have a brand label or doesn’t give you other clues, then check for the care label.

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