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These have been NLA for many years, but are an essential under bonnet detail for any car manufactured between 1959 & early 1962.

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The latest version of NEEDLES is available to download from the : I have been able make some excellent additions to the site this morning thanks to my most faithfull contributor Karsten Stelk, in Germany.

Although these pages will usually offer reproduction items, occasionally I will be offering genuine items too.

There will be many more updates in the near future, please remember to check back soon. New items include a new batch of the ever popular MK1 “Speedwell” Tachometer Pod, a wonderful Reproduction Downton Showroom Poster & a new batch of Downton Key Fobs based on the original CUD “Keytone” design.: Today I have begun to incorporate more info on the Mini’s Big Brother the ADO 16 range of cars.

I can now offer a high quality reproduction of the best grille button ever made! Amongst the most interesting items are a couple of cards from the BMC / Leyland transition. are the last few stickers from this years Blyton event.

MK1 “Paddy Hopkirk” grille buttons are identical copies of the original. One of which is offering MK2 Minis in a range of MK3 colours. These are available for the very cheap price of just £2.50 each with free postage.

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