Dating sim games online hacked

I can see why people fall for these guys as they certainly know how to charm you!!I expected the declaration of love but hey not this soon.I blocked him from my phone, FB Messenger, and Hangouts. He has video chatted on Facebook, calls and texts, also has sent her money through western union. He sent this picture to her and I did a search on google images and all this heartache came up. Henry Maxwell on Facebook, Henry Davidson on What's app, [email protected] on Google Hangouts, 832.414.6657, 347.974.7726 Bellport NY, Brooklyn NY, 11713, oil rig in China. Long story short I never sent him money but sent him pictures of me and my address so if anyone sent money I would get it because he only trusts me. Says his drill broke and he needs a new one so he can get the job done so he can come home to marry me. I'm done as my heart hurts from the wonderful love he claims he had for me but when he got mad he wasn't so nice. I think he found me on a grief support site then looked me up on Facebook then he said his account was hacked so he wanted to message through Hangout. He claimed to be a Marine Engineer but his grammar was horrible (first red flag). I won't mention his name since I'm sure he changes it often, but it started as an innocent set of texts on WWF.Then I reported him to the FBI because I was out 00. Has 2 sons Justin & Dave 7&4 yrs, later confessed to using a friend's pic after I confronted him with search results & the new truth is 2 sons 10 & 14 Richard & Rogers. He did get really mad when I told him I had no money for him. I played along and answered his stupid questions about life and love. His pic looked interesting and as the weeks went by, I started liking what he told me about himself, and felt badly about his wife dying of cancer 7 years ago.

Asked for ,000 because his team broke a pipe while performing a negative test. But I fell hard in love with him so I kept talking to him. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: you so much, for news on GBUWA, as he almost had me with his story. His story today was his son needed a phone and computer. I heard from a man today, who was working in Iceland. After a few weeks asked for i Tunes cards and I told him I had no money. He allegedly had a six month contract on an oil rig in Norway.Allegedly from Mississippi, he speaks with a German accent because he spent many years in Germany with his grandmother when he was a child.One day he told me he wanted a courier to deliver to me a metal box containing his "inheritance" from his father who'd had a jewelry business in London.I am not stupid enough to fall for his rubbish at all. I shouldnt play a long but these men need to be reported!!!Has anyone heard of Jules Patrick or a Phillips from Paris.

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