Dating services lunchdates

They did a short phone interview, sent me on two dates, and then met with me for 5 minutes to take my picture for my file.

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Listen- if I’m only getting 1 match ever month or so, I’m going to hold out and make it someone I actually want to meet.

Guess what- I have already written off Lunch Dates and don’t plan to see any return on my investment; time or money wise.

So you can continue to bully me, set me up with duds and left overs and pretend you are an elite organization- but I know the truth. This is a terrible service and a complete waste of time. Yes, I was away for two 10-day periods but they knew this way in advance and could have scheduled around it. When I did not want this, they said I was being too picky. It took them a year to set me up with 10 dates, and most of them were bad matches.

They matched me up with people that were outside my age range and some who lived up to 60 miles away.

And when I said this wasn't what I wanted they tried to pressure me into meeting the dates.

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