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The Secretary of State is a member of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL).

Other Helpful Sites Information about the State of Wisconsin's Government Department of Financial Institutions (for Notary Public, Trademarks and Tradenames, Corporate and Uniform Commercial Code Matters) Wisconsin Dept.

The Museum acquired the rig in 1984, and it was restored by Don Hale in 1985.

It has what is called a Braidwood body, named after the design of a London fire chief of the 1830s, who designed horse drawn manual engines that allowed the crew to ride to a fire atop the rigs hose bin.

When the territories of the Merovingian king Clotaire were partitioned between his sons after his death in 561, the territory of all three of these future counties formed part of the area allocated to king Charibert, whose capital was in Paris.

From the point of view of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, throughout the medieval period the bishoprics of Angoulme and Prigueux lay within the archbishopric of Bordeaux, while the county of la Marche lay within the jurisdiction of the bishopric of Limoges, which formed part of the province of Bourgeshe Chronicon Gaufredi Vosiensis records that Audebert [IV] sold all his properties, including presumably the county of la Marche although this is not specified, to Henry II King of England before leaving for Jerusalem, dated to [1178] from the context.

Under the Carolingian partition recorded in the treaty of Verdun in 843, all three counties lay firmly within the kingdom of the West Franks.

The counties of Angoulme and la Marche were united under the control of the family of the sires de Lusignan (see Chapter 4), until the death in 1303 of Hugues [XIV], the last direct male line descendant.

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The Office of the Secretary of State processes requests for apostilles and authentications.

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