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When traveling through the United States, it's like the song goes: you can see mountains, prairies, and oceans, sometimes within the same day.The cultural, historical, and topographical diversity of these fifty states is what makes America, well, America.Each year, various commercial and other entities transfer tons of assets to TSTD solely because that rightful private owners’ last known primary residence is located in Tennessee.

Some documents can be ordered online while others will require a visit to an official state office in person.

of Safety & Homeland Security has sole delegated responsibility to maintain Tennessee motorists’ driving histories.

Such historical documents are officially dubbed ‘Motor Vehicle Records’ (MVRs) and date back up to 3 years’ prior.

Fortunately, very reliable backup storage media reside deep inside Tennessee Library and Archives (TSLA) vaults in Nashville.

TSLA’s humongous databases hoard public records dating back several centuries.

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