Dating in barrow in furness

Weather-wise, it’s permanently windy – with the Westerlies blowing in from the Irish Sea (I swear I did not see a vertical tree until I came south, all the trees in Barrow were bent over by the wind, many of the people too).The housing stock is solid and workmanlike, in grids of red-brick terraces (you could buy an entire street for the price of one townhouse in West London).I still visit Barrow, have family there, and retain a deep affinity with it.It’s a dour, industrial place, the site of what remains of British submarine-building.But it would be wrong to equate their forthrightness with rudeness. Indeed if it was pointed out to them that they had indeed inflicted pain, they would be mortified.Neither should their grumpiness, frequently aided and abetted by a growling, monosyllabic delivery be mistaken for misery.Some of the roads in the centre are broad, leading to squares that are lined by proud Victorian buildings and statues.On the outskirts, there is a fine ruin of Furness Abbey, a quiet evocative monument.

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