Dating cdv photos

For example, if the photograph in your possession was in the back of your maternal grandmother’s closet, start with her family members first.

Identifying individuals in the photographs is possible. The answers to these questions can narrow down which side of the family the photograph(s) belonged. Other family members may provide a date and/or the circumstances of when the photograph was taken.

The difference is the ambrotype does not have that reflective “floating” type quality.

Source: Library of Congress Tintypes were popular for more than 30 years. Early tintypes were in small, hinged cases like the daguerreotypes and the ambrotypes.

When cleaning out a relative’s home, you find a long-forgotten shoebox full of photographs stuffed in the back of a closet. If you know the time period a photograph was taken, you can narrow down possible candidates on your family tree.

The type of photograph can place your photograph in a specific time period.

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I have toyed with the idea of such a listing as I have a lot of their cartes including many of celebrities and also thought of attempting a check list but I have too many other things on the boil and need to focus on those.

A question for those with knowledge on Elliott & Fry cartes...

Was the 'Copyright' caption on cdv mounts started being added after certain date or was it randomly used/not used after its inception?

The carte de visite gained popularity quickly during the Civil War as soldiers and family exchanged photographs.

Source: Personal Collection of Lisa Lisson Cabinet cards and carte des visites (CDV) are often confused.

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