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India and the Philippines have separate Muslim civil laws, wholly based on Sharia.

Most countries of the Middle East and North Africa maintain a dual system of secular courts and religious courts, in which the religious courts mainly regulate marriage and inheritance.

We’ve put together the 10 best Muslim dating websites for singles.

Whether you’re seeking friendship, casual dating, or marriage, these single Muslim dating websites offer you a myriad of dating options.

Sharia is composed of four parts: the Koran, or holy book of Islam; the Sunnah, which is a record of the habits, sayings and actions of Islam's prophet Mohammed; the Hadith, which are recollections and stories collected by early Islamic scholars about the life of Mohammed; and finally, fiqh and fatwa, which are interpretations of Sharia law and non-binding opinions written by Islamic scholars.

is punished by imprisonment or amputation of hands.

Especially if you’re looking to build a lasting, lifelong partnership, you’ll likely want to make sure your religious views and backgrounds are compatible with those of your date’s.Modernists, traditionalists and fundamentalists all hold different views of Sharia.Different countries and cultures have varying interpretations of Sharia Law as well. I had a string of short relationships and finding another women serious about a real relationship was difficult.7orbetter? As one of the leading pagan dating services, plus get Partner Suggestions.

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