Dating agent 14

Michael and Franklin Clinton start opening fire on the agents, but Karen manages to escape unharmed and calls for back-up.Nevertheless, Michael gets away with the Azerbaijani prisoner and she is not seen again for the rest of the main storyline.

It is also suspected that she is the author of several emails that are sent to Niko by United Liberty Paper as the game progresses.

She appears during The Humane Labs Raid first set-up mission, where players are tasked to meet up with Karen in order to receive access codes to the facility.

Karen asks if the online protagonists were involved with The Fleeca Job and warns them what they're getting into now is a "whole different ball game".

Admiral Banshee Blista Compact Cavalcade (sometimes) Comet Contender Dukes Emperor (non-beater version) Esperanto Faction Feltzer Feroci FIB Buffalo Flatbed Huntley Sport Moonbeam (sometimes) Merit NRG 900 Patriot PMP 600 Rancher Rebla Roman's Taxi Ruiner Sabre (non-beater version) Sentinel (sometimes) Stratum Voodoo Happiness Sweater: Dislike Claude's Outfit: Approve Michelle dislikes the radio station's Tuff Gong, The Classics and Integrity 2.0.

If Michelle likes a set of clothes, she is happy to see it repeatedly.

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