Dating a jamaican woman

The woman was very nearly bald from her natural hairline to her ear due to damaging weaves and chemicals. I’ve recently started mixing it with Extra virgin olive oil, in order to get the penetrating benefits of olive oil with the sealing benefits of JBCO.

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However, with newly discovered information about other options in hand, I decided to branch out and experiment.

Some stated that it could just mean that blood flow to the scalp was being stimulated, which meant the hair was going through a growth cycle.

However, my scalp is never itchy and it meant to me that it was irritated.

In my head, irritation leads to inflammation and scratching, which is counter to growth and can result in excessive shedding. But now, I’m not so sure that JBCO was the culprit as I have since realized that amla may have been the source of the problem or, at least, contributed a lot to it.

That being said, I may revisit using JBCO on my scalp, just to see if it itches, since I’m no longer using amla. When I tell you that I fell in love with it from the first use, I’m not kidding!

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