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The invoices each have a summary box that has information in cells A9 through C9. File Name = Selected Files(NFile) ' Open the current workbook. Open(File Name) ' Set the cell in column A to be the file name. Filtering the Data Another useful example in the de Bruin article is a sample that uses a filter.

NRow = 1 ' Call Dir the first time, pointing it to all Excel files in the folder path. Then, the code sets the range autofilter to look in a specific column for cells that match a specific criteria.

This is also an ideal time to set up your template with Excel tables.

There are two ways to consolidate data, either by position or category.

However, merging data manually can be time-consuming. This Visual How To explains how to: This Visual How To is based on Merging Data from Multiple Workbooks into a Summary Workbook in Excel by Ron de Bruin and Frank Rice. Value ' Increase NRow so that we know where to copy data next. File Name = Dir() Loop ' Call Auto Fit on the destination sheet so that all ' data is readable. Column A will contain the file name and columns B through D will contain the information in cells A9 through C9 from the first sheet of each workbook. Worksheets(1) ' Modify this folder path to point to the files you want to use. Range("A9: C9") ' Set the destination range to start at column B and be the same size as the source range. In this case, the code starts at the bottom of the worksheet and searches upward, row-by-row, until the code finds a cell that is not blank. His code examples check for when files are not found, when the target workbook has insufficient rows, and other errors.

The code examples included in this Visual How To are simplified versions of code examples in that article. Count) ' Copy over the values from the source to the destination. To configure this macro, change the value that Sub Merge Selected Workbooks() Dim Summary Sheet As Worksheet Dim Folder Path As String Dim Selected Files() As Variant Dim NRow As Long Dim File Name As String Dim NFile As Long Dim Work Bk As Workbook Dim Source Range As Range Dim Dest Range As Range ' Create a new workbook and set a variable to the first sheet. Folder Path = "C:\Users\Peter\invoices\" ' Set the current directory to the the folder path. Replace the line that sets the variable Dim Last Row As Long Last Row = Work Bk. In particular, de Bruin includes code for error handling so that if you are processing many files and one fails, the code will not fail.

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