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It is, however, important to note that such men also have major problems making decisions in different areas of life, especially those that involve other people.While they may have problems relating to people, they may not have a problem with getting a pet, buying a car or a house.Shielding themselves from potential painful questions when you’re no longer around is one way of preventing that. If your love interest holds promise, this is your first chance to show them you’re willing to wait for their comfort.Commitment-phobes very often fear loss of control, and ceding this minor thing initially will indicate your ability to accept their hesitance.Despite having dated him for several years now you will be at a loss whenever anybody asks about the nature of your relationship.To such a person calling you girlfriend is committing to you and at that point, he would sooner cross a river with crocodiles than commit to anybody.Sometimes, they’ll deliberately test your reactions, which isn’t really fair.

If you are in a relationship with a commitment-phobe you will not have any significant conversation with him about your relationship.

Either way, this is an issue with a commitment-phobic partner, and one which can be tricky to address.

Either you validate the fight and risk getting sucked in, or you don’t, and can appear unresponsive. If you’ve been dating a commitment-phobe for long enough to have a disagreement, chances are you know them pretty well.

A real commitment-phobe tends to be wary of a bad match, and duly frightened of being dumped cold.

Romantic partners who have these tendencies have some built-in (or acquired) self-protections, which may include suddenly precipitating a fight seemingly over nothing.

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