Collection updating

In the beginning, Usergrid indexed each and every field of an Entity.If a field was an object, the the fields of that object would also be indexed.Note: Although not shown in the API examples below, you need to provide a valid access token with each API call.See Authenticating users and application clients for details.For more on creating entities, see Creating Custom Data Entities settings resource, then doing an HTTP GET on that URI will yield the normal Collection resource.For example here a request and respinse for settings for the Collection “battles”, which does not yet have Indexing is expensive and now it can be done selectively.This article describes how to batch delete entities in a collection.

This article describes how to perform batch updates on all entities in a collection.

Each item displayed also has an icon the gallery row which should change its status; that should update the record in the collection (which in turn will remove it from the gallery because of a Filter).

My problem is that ALL of the collection items are being updated, not just the single one from the gallery i want.

I believe the above condition is TRUE as Update If processes everything in the collection. How do I get a condition that specifies the one and only record in the collection?

Title would be unique in the collection and therefore in the gallery.

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