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Since the advantages and disadvantages of segregating service desks are almost the exact reverse of those for integrating, I have not repeated the table for segregated service desks.

Besides being easier for customers to use, an integrated help desk lends itself to the cross-training of staff.

The intent was to streamline the resolution of problems associated with this application, which managers anticipated being at higher than normal call volumes.

In 2016, media giant Viacom expanded their Times Square global headquarters.

When PCs first came onto the scene, they were usually managed by a support group that was totally separate from the mainframe data center, including a separate service desk for PC-related problems.

This pattern of multiple service desks was often repeated as networks grew in size, number, and complexity, and later when the Internet became prevalent.

Use a hierarchical tree structure to gradually drill down, and notify users up front how many options they will have.

Another helpful feature that many service desk managers use to improve services is an automated call dispatcher (ACD).

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