Boy slaps man for dating his mom

She said this is a key factor in determining how he will behave in a relationship with me. Now don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, how a guy handles his lady is a reflection of the type of bond he has with his mother.Males who grow up with very nurturing mothers tend to be more sensitive and attentive in romantic relationships. But also be careful when getting involved with these types of men, as the ones who are extremely close with mom dukes are often momma’s boys.At the time, officers said that she smelled of alcohol and could smell marijuana inside the home.According to News OK Officers then asked if they could search the home after seeing blood on the living room floor.The 11-year-old's progress has baffled neurosurgeons from UW Hospital because he was never expected to recover any quality of life after the gunshot wound.On Saturday, after 38 months and 29 days in the hospital and rehabilitation centers, Joey went home.After initially saying that a 'masked person came in and stabbed my daddy and then left,' he was told by his grandmother in no uncertain terms to 'not tell any stories.'The boy then said that his mother, Mc Murtrey, had stabbed his dad, Vaughn, and then hidden the 'reindeer knife' above the toilet.

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The viral video, which is floating around the internet like wildfire today, shows a man come to the door with a bouquet of flowers, ready to go on a date with a mom.

The injury he sustained was on the left side of his brain, which caused doctors to worry about his motor, language and speech skills as he recovered. After his initial recovery period in the hospital, he was moved to a full-time brain rehabilitation treatment facility near Tulsa, Oklahoma, to recover.

The facility is near his dad's family, who was not with his two sons and estranged wife when the shooting occurred.

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An 11-year-old boy has returned home after three years in the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head inflicted by his mom.

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