Bob dylan dating history dating love ee

'Bob has a thing for black women,' confirms Howard Sounes, author of the respected Dylan biography Down The Highway.

He has a daughter, Desiree, known as Desi, who is now 23 and is pictured here for the first time.

It's about 100 miles away from where he was born, near to the border with Canada.

'Bob and I made a choice to keep our marriage a private matter for a simple reason - to give our daughter a normal childhood,' she said.

She added that Dylan has been a good father to the girl and, in private, had very much acknowledged her.

You suspect he is only able to juggle his women so deftly because his rootless lifestyle allows him to keep various lovers away from each other.

For some time he has had a penchant for voluptuous, maternal women, mostly African-American.

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