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The website and links you found are really good, imo.

It requires total abstinence from all alcoholic drinks, from opium, and from similar habit-forming drugs.

But this standard of ours will produce healthier, happier, nobler people, and induce stabler marriages."(From a letter written on behalf of the Guardian to an individual believer, October 19, 1947)Lights of Guidance Your idea that things like kissing, snuggling, and hugging will just lead to sexual activity is a very Baha'i idea.

The [Lights of Guidance section on Chastity and Sex Education]( and Sex Education) would be helpful to you.

I think it is interesting to note that the House of Justice has refused to write specific guidelines as far as this sort of things goes. I had kind of always been from a smaller community and knew all the girls since I was a little kid, but moving to a big metropolitan area with lots of Baha'i girls in their late teens through early 30's really was astonishing to me, especially because you didn't even really have to go on dates per say, just show up to Baha'i stuff and you are around girls.

I think implicitly they are putting the responsibility on the individual believer to come to their own understanding. I am not officially declared but I have been a part of the Baha'i community for about two years where I live. Anyway, point being, as a guy that was an active Baha'i at one point, I would say if you want to bring up the topic, just do so.

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