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“If it's a fishing, expedition, it's a pretty public one right before an election. A few other lawmakers and at least one aide say they have been interviewed by the FBI as well. But with that story unfolding just two months before the election, some legislators wish they could skip to the end. Former governor Tony Knowles plans to say something in the morning about how Alaska’s next governor will negotiate a gas line deal now that Murkowski’s deal is dead.So now we all get painted with the same brush,” said Rep. But with the bureau saying nothing about who might be targeted for what. a=6285&print~yes - dno 9/7/2006 Channel 2 Broadcasting Inc. Independent gubernatorial candidate Andrew Halcro has called for relatively minor modifications to Murkowski's proposed deal.House Speaker John Harris is calling for KTUU-TV some disclosure by the agency. f v^IIttlu (^Mj-uption questions tar upcoming genera^gjection Page 2 of 2 gathering? So far, Knowles, the Democratic nominee, and Republican nominee Sarah Palin have both talked about bargaining from a position of strength and inviting multiple proposals. a=6285&print=yes 9/7/2006 (Mount Clipping jn Space Below)- Q (Indicate page, namcof A- 1 newspaper, city and state.) ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS Date: 09/06/2006 Edition: WEDNESDAY Title: VECO POLITICAL POCKETS RUN DEEP Character: Classification: 1 94 A- AN- 1 3 620-M ^ Submitting Office: Anchorage Indexing: FBI - Stevens-539 Continued from A~l review of Alaska Public Offiees.

But the {state is paved with pork — from its half empty high-speed ferries to the 0,000 that the feder- ally-funded Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board gave to Alaska Airlines to paint a giant king sal- mon on one of its aeroplanes/ “Citizens Against Govern-* ment Waste, a watchdog, calculates that Alaska guzzles more pork per head than any other state, ,,.Politics revolves* around two issues: how to suck more cash out of Washington and more fossil fuels out of the ground,” From — Compiled by Sheila Tbomey FBI - Stevens-534 Gunnel 2 Broadcasting Inc.- Gpi^matorial candidates campaign ethics a^«r FBI raids Page 1 of 2 Gubernatorial candidates campaign ethics after FBI raids Tuesday, September 5, 2006 - by Bill Mc Allister Anchorage, Alaska - In the wake of the FBI’s influence-peddling investigation, all three major candidates for governor are now boasting of their clean credentials. Lobbyist John Bit- neyis reportedly her policy 'manager. Terry Gardiner, president of Nor Quest Ssh processing before TVideiigbought it in 2004 and former speaker of the state Houserhas reportedly signed on &s a policy adviser to the Tony Knowles campaign, OOPS: Remember when Ear congratulated the Dimond-West Little League team for making it "to the Northwest Regionals? WHAT THEY THINK OF 0$; “Alas- kan licence-plates may growl that this is “. S, Supreme Court, So does that mean Mertz is sqrta suing his wife? SHAPING UP FOR THE BIG ONE: ‘ Curtis Smith, tlie PR profes- ' sional who lost his short-lived radio talk show because of a , perceived bias in favor of one of his clients, is the new media person fob the Sarah Palin campaign. First he got bttteda Sl Ke'perp who secretly derailed a bill to make government contract info easily available online. ‘Daniel iheuye/D-Hawaj^went to Washington state and campaigned publidy with Ted’s' arch enemy, Sen. is it Ear’s' imagination/ or are Dan and Ted starting to look alike?

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