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Where this happens we will allow you the same award of Housing Benefit during the first 4 weeks of your new employment that you were receiving before you started that employment (or increased the number of hours you were working).To qualify for an Extended Payment you must have been receiving “out of work related benefits” continuously for 26 weeks or more and those benefits end because you start employment or self employment or increase the number of hours of employment.

Find out when you will be considered to be pensionable age at Gov.UK Complete our online claim form Council Tax Support is usually paid from the Monday following the date we receive your claim form.If you want it paid from an earlier date you need to put in writing that you want your claim to be backdated and give reasons why you failed to claim earlier.Backdating can only be allowed for up to 13 weeks from the date your request is received.Council Tax payers of working age applying for Council Tax Support pay more towards their Council Tax than when they claimed Council Tax Benefit.

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