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After the Second World War, Canada radically changed its immigration policy, which previously gave priority to “white” immigrants.

Middle East Armenians, fleeing the various national crises of their regions, constituted the majority of postwar Armenian immigration. s Armenian populations boomed as they absorbed the majority of new immigrants.

Other than isolated cases this halted most Armenian immigration to Canada for the next half century. Ironically, while the majority of Armenians were shut out of Canada, the Genocide was extensively covered in the Canadian press.The Georgetown Boys Fifty Armenian orphans, later known as The Georgetown Boys, arrived in Canada on June 30th, 1923 through government support and the donations of ordinary Canadians. Canadians argued that since Armenians did not side with Turkey against the Allies it was their obligation to support them.It was a unique event in Canadian history, an event commonly referred to as “Canada? The Toronto Globe newspaper appealed to the public with emotionally charged headlines including, “SHALL WE LET THEM DIE?Unlike the earlier generation who came from rural backgrounds, post-war newcomers were predominantly urban and skilled.Crucial in the fight to correct the misclassification of Armenians as Asiatics, the Canadian Armenian Congress (CAC), formed in 1948, successfully lobbied the government, opening the doors for a new wave of emigrés.

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