Are dev patel and freida pinto dating

There is no way one person can sit down and go, 'But why did this happen to me?' Or, 'It was all going well, what the hell happened? According to an unnamed source at “When he was going out with Freida, he wanted to support her so he travelled round the world to be with her, to premieres and events.Now he says he can concentrate on his work, and that’s why he has made three or four films. He doesn’t need any distractions.”You guys, I am not saying Patel has not dated anyone in two years.

They were seen vacationing together in Vancouver for Freida's 30th birthday last year.Starting from mid-2009, Freida and Dev made several public appearances together as a couple. After break up from her six-year-long relationship with Dev Patel, Freida remained single for more than a year.But then she found another handsome suitor for herself - Ronnie Bacardi.Freida officially broke up with husband Rohan in The chemistry between Freida and Dev is pretty much evident in the Oscar-winning movie.But their real life affair started after the grand success of the movie and divorce of Freida from her publicist husband Rohan Antao. But even after their break up, both of them claim that they are the 'bestest' of friends and share an intimate relationship of being best friends.

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