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On many networks, regularly updating the PRL is advised if the subscriber uses the device outside the home area frequently, particularly if they do so in multiple different areas.

This allows the phone to choose the best roaming carriers, particularly "roaming partners" with whom the home carrier has a cost-saving roaming agreement, rather than using non-affiliated carriers.

In the case of R-UIM-based CDMA devices, the PRL resides on the R-UIM.

The PRL indicates which bands, sub bands and service provider identifiers will be scanned and in what priority order.

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The Preferred Roaming List (PRL) is a database residing in a wireless (primarily CDMA) device, such as a cellphone, that contains information used during the system selection and acquisition process.Sex is fun and sex chat is more fun in internet world.Chatting about sex and doing legal sex ( e- sex ) with your partner is more fun than anything in this world.Without a PRL, the device may not be able to roam, i.e.There may be cases where missing or corrupt PRLs can lead to a customer not having service at all.

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