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Simplified Asset Management focuses more on the lifecycle and financial aspects of an item.Asset Management systems are not usually very useful when trying to do an impact analysis because they lack data related to how and asset supports the delivery of a service.For example, if the business has a need for unified communications, one element of this may be the email service that IT provides.This email service requires many components or CIs in order to function correctly.The information held may be in a variety of formats, textual, diagrammatic, photographic, etc.; effectively a data map of the physical reality of IT Infrastructure. Net Goals The goals of configuration management are to: Define and control the components of services and infrastructure and maintain accurate configuration information on the historical, planned and current state of the services infrastructure The key activities for this process are: • Provide management information about Configuration Management quality and operations Simplified The Configuration Management process, enabled by the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is, more than anything else, a decision engine.If it is populated with the right information and if that information is judiciously maintained, it will allow and organization to quickly asses impact of any change, plan and design services, and ultimately allow the organization to have a high degree of confidence in and control over their environment.An “Asset” is something that has intrinsic value to a person or an enterprise.A “Configuration Item” is an entity or thing that you with to track that is required for the delivery of a service.

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Configuration Management is part of an overall Service Asset and Configuration Management Process. Net Configuration Management (ITILv2): The process of planning for, identifying, controlling and verifying the Configurations Items (CIs) within a service, recording their status and, in support of Change Management, assessing the potential IT impact of changing those items. Net CMDB Configuration Management Database (CMDB) (ITILv3): A database used to store Configuration Records throughout their Lifecycle.

The Configuration Management System maintains one or more CMDBs, and each CMDB stores Attributes of CIs, and Relationships with other CIs. Net Configuration Management Database (ITILv2): A database (CMDB) that contains details about the attributes and history of each Configuration Item (CI) and details of the important relationships between CIs.

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