Advanced dating technique

This excerpt gives you an idea of how this advanced Law of Attraction technique works: Many great orators, preachers, actors, and statesmen have used the mirror technique.

According to Drew Pearson, Winston Churchill never made a speech of importance unless he made it before a mirror first.

Do not spend too much time at her breast and nipples (you should have done that already during undressing).

Your primary focus should be her: If you do all of this properly, she will already be wet enough and wanting you to go directly to lick her pussy and clitoris. You have ended by kissing her lower belly and pubic bone.

The main purpose of this is to build enough anticipation in her to make her climax much more easily.

Breathe deeply a few times until you feel more centered and stronger. You radiate joy, happiness, and only the most positive energy. This is your life and you're absolutely enjoying it!

However, we now have proof that Billy Sunday was versed in the use of the mirror technique; it was given by Eric Sevareid in his book , published in 1946. Sevareid tells how he – as a young newspaper reporter – secured an interview with Billy Sunday: “He bounded about the hotel room, now peering intently out of the window, with one foot on the sill, now grasping the dressing-table firmly in both hands while ….

When considered in the light of the science given in this book, the mirror technique becomes a master method by which the subconscious mind's mighty forces can be employed to influence those you're dealing with.

Pearson also declared that Woodrow Wilson employed the same technique.

It's what I call a supercharging method of stepping up the speaker's subconscious forces so that when he or she appears before an audience, those forces flow out also and affect the listeners.

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