Adult phone chat business opportunity

Please note down the girls name and PIN and refer it to us for ease of investigation.

Very often customers get cut off while being on a call because they are calling from a mobile phone and they go out of network coverage.

It's also a good idea to have a couple of ideas prepared in advance of what you would like to happen on the call.

You'll find all girls are friendly and open minded.

Once your account is set up you can purchase minutes through the website, there is no need to re-input your details.Once you have set up an account either by speaking to our customer care team or by setting up an account on the website, you can simply log in and buy minutes through the website – its quick and simple as we have all your purchase information stored.Or you can phone the "0800" number that you usually use to speak to our girls and buy more minutes from within the call – just follow the simple menu prompts.Remember, new account members get free minutes on sign up.It’s a great way to top up a your balance once on a call If you want to extend the length of a call.

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