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Since my father died two years ago we haven’t been together as a family. It’s obviously more difficult to cope with fame when you are younger, but the principle is the same.

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The National Director Report will be presented at the end of the meeting when an update on today’s business at the NHSRA Winter Meeting is available.

None of what I have to tell you is new; if you eat a lot of rubbish and lie around then you are going to be fat – that’s how it works.4 I think we still want to look like ourselves when we grow older.

I don’t want to look like a different person so I am against surgery. I helped set up the Facebook page We Welcome Home our Troops.

They are beginning to read and write and really express themselves and it’s amazing to see them develop. They came into my bedroom a couple of weekends ago and said, ‘Hey, lady! We can’t do what we do and expect not to become famous. I am grateful to the media, not only for allowing me to sell my movies to the public, but also for working beautifully with me on the causes that are closest to my heart.

Right from the start, 15 years ago when I started working as the global campaign chairman for Amfar [American Foundation for Aids Research], the media has been with me in my efforts to reach for a vaccine and a cure for Aids.

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