Adult add and dating

Often there is a lot of arguing, tension, excitement, longing, passion, and pain, but not a lot of trust, respect, safety, and loyalty.Certainly one does not have to have ADHD to fall into this same pattern, but here’s the part that seems to fit with the ADHD mind set.

Recently I had a conversation with a client who has a long history of unsuccessful romantic relationships.

To my client, who struggles with this dilemma, all bets are on her.

I believe she will find her way through that door and if and when she does, I hope to celebrate her victory along side her.

When I asked her why she had never dated him, she said that he was not her type. Very often, the people we most attract and are attracted to are the ones that provide us the most drama.

There’s always that elusive quality or edge that makes the relationship fraught with intrigue.

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