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"Everything on the screen (walls, shelves or any other item) can be destroyed, a feature that you'll find will do won- ders in removing stress," confides Sega. Tiertex is handling the computer conversions for US Gold which are set for a June launch.

ADVANCED COMPUTER ENT,»TAINMc NT G-LOC They said il was impossible but bold US Gold is converting the Sega sprite-intensive sensation of G-Loc onto humble home micros.

For something totally different, help Sonic fight his way through a maze that rotates 360"." Sounds good, eh? Huly amaiing clwactar Certain | 0 hit youi MTMfit toon. Men Storm s a two-player action game where you must fight your way through the city from two different perspectives including a three-dimensional 'into the screen' view.

Ready for release in a couple of months on the Megadrive. Zap creatures with ray guns, flamethrowers and more.

Mephisto's games are mostly pro- grammed by a dark horse from Cheltenham by the name of Richard Lang. Rivalry spreads throughout the grimy streets, bedrooms, boardrooms, and the unreal computer matrix of Cyberspace.

The Mephisto Lyon recently smashed world Blitz Champion Mikhail Tal 4-2, 5-5, 6-2. For some, victory is an intangible gain in a vast power struggle.

Move from inside the cockpit and zoom out to a behind-your-plane outside view.

j Sonic the Hedgehog What game was everybody playing at the Winter CES fn Las Vegas last month?

Medium (after training practice go into actual battle) and Expert (skillful players can engage in aerial dogfights).

"We have combined ultramove- ments, supersonic speed and superb overall performance in a product of sophisticated graphic technology." explains Sega, "A new level of graphic expression brings you thrilling screen realism like you've never 'scene' before." Software developer Images is In charge of coding this coin- op into your computer.

vision toys, £25 video cameras, 'micro' camcorders, miniature night-vision goggles, domestic security devices that effectively removes all interactivity, and the closest Barbie Doll has got to a new age of entertainment is to have her clothes designed by the same team of seamstresses that designed the Mattel Powerglove.

Just who is taking the lion's share of the profits. The possibilities of this 8mm2 chip are beyond unimaginative bound- aries...

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